Establishment of Capital Investment Governance

Having established your business strategies and developed a plan to execute them, it is essential that the organisation's finite resources are focused on delivering the Strategic Plan. In a number of organisations, these same resources are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, so there is a balancing act between keeping the business running and implementing the strategic change programme. Prioritisation of value-adding activities is key to getting the balance right.

As far as we can tell, the only way to implement strategy is by changing or digitising business practices and processes. This is often accomplished using various technologies. We can help establish and manage a pragmatic, process / practice-aligned capital investment governance framework to help you ensure that your resources are focused as much as possible on strategic change, without sacrificing the daily operations of the business. This framework focuses on the key process / practice areas of the business, making it business-led and cross-functional. We can also help you determine the appropriate process and practice areas to make sure that we are not implementing process for process' sake.

Any framework needs to be flexible to accommodate unexpected changes. The frameworks we establsh are built with this in mind. By focusing on adding value through the change programme, we can flex the plan to prioritise a new idea above an established idea, provided it adds more value. The definition of value varies from organisation to organisation, but we can help you flesh out the ideas and build the business cases to help you identify value-adding activities in your business.